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My wife and I have used Mastr-Jay Renovations, Inc. on two major bathroom renovation projects over the past year-and-half. We were so impressed with their quality of work on our 1st project, when we moved to our new house this past April and needed to completely gut & renovate the master bath, we immediately called Mastr-Jay.
We were thoroughly impressed how they handled both of our projects. Their work from cradle to grave is exceptional and we would recommend these guys to anyone. In addition, they are extremely reliable and clean, as they came when they said they were going to come and finish the job at the time they said they were going to. I know this may not sound important to some people, but my wife and I have had prior experience with other companies, and reliability was always an issue. Bottom line, this Company does great quality and they truly care about the customer. They are not happy, unless you're happy.

Jeff and Lynda, Northville MI

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